2011-2012 Leader’s Committees

ACHIEVEMENT PROGRAM – Chairperson – Eleanor Hoffman Members – Jennifer Thomas, Nickki Hunt, Tina Baker, Darla Walbrown and Valissa Keefer (TL: Kathy Jo Kirby) Committees purpose is to recommend date, time and location, make contact for location, suggest type of activity, make contacts for special activities, decorate room, set up and clean up.

CAMP – Co-Chairpersons – Lisa Arbogast & Linda Roush Members – Sonia Zuspan, Darla Walbrown, Angela Lanier, Amy Crank, Missy Deem, Kim Pridemore, Denise Queen, Linda Cook, Joann Thomas, Andrea Henderson, Roger Bumgarner, Mackenzie Stalnaker, Roberta Hall, Cinthia Arbogast, Anna Staats, Kelly Arbogast, Ella Schultz and Jon Schultz (TL: Dakota Baker, Ciara Stanley, Amelia Stanley, Brad Chattin and Zack Parsons) Committees purpose is to recommend dates, recruit and help train camp counselors and Jr. Counselors, select class ideas, recommend/recruit speakers, crafts and special activities, arrange for camp clean-up, and closing. Helps recruit cooks and kitchen helpers.

FAIR – Co-Chairpersons – Missy Deem & Phyllis Jackson Members – Lacey Parsons, Barbie Parsons, Sonia Zuspan, Stacy Bumgarner, Judy Bryant, Ruth Dunham, Ed Layton, Jane Layton, Julie Wamsley, Linda Cook, Angie Robinson and Ella Schultz (TL: Dakota Baker, Ciara Stanley) Committees purpose is to help recruit leaders to clean and set up Junior Building for exhibits, assist with registration and fair project watch, recommend judges, review and establish project exhibit requirements (with agent), complete paper work for fair premiums, provide general supervision during The Fair, assist in returning projects.

FINANCE/FUND RAISING – Chairperson – Nickki Hunt Members – Eleanor Hoffman, Samantha Hoffman, Linda Roush, Alice Keefer Purpose of committee is to recommend fund raising activities, arrange necessary publicity, work out details for fund raising, make arrangements for time, locations, and helpers, if needed. The Finance Committee is to develop a budget to be presented to the membership.

LEADERS RECOGNITION Chairperson – Eleanor Hoffman Members – Sally Darst, Jessica Johnson, Linda Cook and Ella Schultz Committees purpose is to select theme for annual banquet, decorate room, assist with planning and managing food, and assist with the recognition program.

NATIONAL 4-H WEEK Chairperson – Lorrie Wright Members – Deana Marcum and Missy Deem Purpose of committee is to plan activities for celebrating National 4-H Week (consider field day, bulletin board and window displays, essay contests, radio shows, news articles, etc.) suggest times and dates for events, arrange for locations of general activities, recommend judges if needed, and help manage individual events.

ROUND-UP AND TALENT SHOW Chairperson – Lorrie Wright Members – Stacy Bumgarner, Judy Bryant, Angela Lanier, Amy Crank and Missy Deem Committee is responsible for recommending the date, time and location, recommend judges, timers, emcees, set up room(s) and clean up.

MISS 4-H CONTEST Chairperson – Linda Roush Members – Lurinda Gardner, Kalee Edmonds, Lynnita Edmonds, Marketta Crum, Heather Crum, Cinthia Arbogast and Roberta Hall (TL: Brad Chattin) Committees purpose is to select date, time and location, select theme, help clean and decorate stage, select emcees, recommend judges and ushers, register participants, and write narratives.

EXCELLENCE IN PROJECT KNOWLEDGE Chairperson: Eleanor Hoffman Members – Sally Darst, Nickki Hunt, Alice Keefer, Valissa Keefer and Charlotte Oshel

OFFICERS TRAINING Chairperson – Darla Walbrown Members – Sally Darst, Tina Baker and Charlotte Oshel