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Ground Moles – Oh No! Every year we get dozens of call about ground moles and what to do about them. This a good article that can answer a lot of those questions Effective Mole Control

Those pesty bugs! Ever wonder what you can do to get rid of those Asian Lady Beetles or perhaps Carpenter Bees maybe even those little Stink Bugs that have been polluting our area well WVU Extension Service has an answer to these and many other bug questions on our web page Pests Insects.

What is the Farm to School program? The primary goals of the Farm to School Program are to increase the use of fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables in school lunch programs and to improve small farm viability through increased access to institutional markets. Programs of this kind may yield multiple benefits including the provision of the highest quality produce (that is, with the greatest freshness, taste, nutrition, and safety) to school children, support of Mason County agricultural livelihoods, and a contribution to local economic development. In addition, such efforts can address, at least in part, the emerging epidemic of obesity and diet-related diseases among school-age children by introducing healthy foods and eating habits. The web sites below will give further information but if you still have questions feel free to call our office.
Farm to School Program
Farm to School Resources

Assessing the condition of your garden or pasture is a critical step read about soil testing….. and watch the video.

West Virginia is home to an abundant deer population. Use these fact sheets and other resources to learn about control of deer damage to crops and property, and deer management in general. Read all the deer information here.

honey bee Honey Bee Association, Honey Bee Resources and more here . .

... The most common carpenter ant species in West Virginia is the large black carpenter ant, Camponotus pennsylvanicus. Read more about carpenter ants here.

With the onset of winter just around the corner, now is the time to prepare your lawns, gardens, and landscapes for the months ahead. Read more. . .

Decision Making Farm Management Worksheets can help with financial management of your farm.

Soil Test Form & Instructions

Getting soil for the sample is not complicated. You collect a thin slice of soil from the top 4 inches of several well-spaced, representative spots in the garden and mix them together in a plastic pail. Never dry the soil in an oven or microwave oven. Fill a small sandwich bag with soil from the pail and mail it along with a completed copy of the Soil Test Form above to this address: WVU Soil Testing Laboratory, Agricultural Sciences Building, PO Box 6108, Morgantown, WV 26506-6108